Encounter with Supernatural Entities During Deep Hypnosis


Throughout the centuries, humanity has witnessed countless stories and experiences related to encounters with supernatural entities. These experiences range from divine encounters with gods and celestial beings to interactions with extraterrestrial beings from other worlds or entities from unknown dimensions. It is fascinating how these experiences have left a profound mark on our history and the development of religious beliefs. From the cases of mystical visionaries like Saint Teresa of Jesus and her encounters with the divine, to the revelation of the Archangel Gabriel to the prophet Muhammad, these experiences have influenced how we understand our world and our connections with the beyond.

As we explore the mysteries of the human mind, we come across intriguing phenomena such as Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) and the use of visionary substances like Ayahuasca or the "God molecule." These experiences alter our perception and lead us to a state of expanded consciousness, where a direct connection with the divine and the supernatural is believed to be established. Shamans and ancient tribes have used these sacred substances to explore spiritual realms and gain a deeper understanding of existence.

However, what is even more surprising is the discovery that these encounters with supernatural entities can also occur during deep hypnosis.

Hypnosis, when taken to a deeper level, can open the doors of our subconscious mind and unlock the deepest layers of our consciousness. It is in this state of trance that encounters with mysterious and supernatural beings have been reported.

What are we capable of seeing and feeling?

Before delving into the study of hypnosis, I was skeptical about these supernatural phenomena. I have always been an advocate of critical thinking and the search for rational explanations. However, my perspective changed when I encountered a series of circumstances that challenged my deeply rooted beliefs. What once seemed to be the product of metaphors or suggestions based on individual belief systems now held a deeper meaning.

During my work as a volunteer in an ancient hospital, I had the opportunity to conduct hypnosis sessions with diverse individuals, from elderly people to those with physical disabilities and patients with chronic illnesses. Regardless of their age, beliefs, or social status, I experienced a surprising constant: whenever I immersed the participants in deep hypnosis, these supernatural beings emerged.

This led me to reflect on the nature of our perception and understanding of the world around us. We cling to the illusion that we can only see and experience what our physical senses allow us to. However, reality is much vaster and more complex than what we can grasp with our limited senses. We live immersed in an invisible ocean of frequencies and energies that escape our everyday perception.

The electromagnetic spectrum, spanning from radio waves to gamma rays, constitutes only a small fraction of what exists in the universe. We are beings that inhabit a narrow band of frequency amidst an infinite vastness. Our eyes can only capture visible light, but what lies beyond that limited spectrum? What forms of life and entities exist in dimensions that elude our conventional perception?

People laugh about the fact that this world could be manipulated by non-human entities, while they can only see a tiny fraction of 0.0005% of the visible light spectrum, equivalent to one billionth of the head of a pin.

If we can hardly see anything, then what else is there?

By expanding our understanding of reality, these non-human forms cease to appear so fantastic and become intriguing possibilities. Could there be beings that inhabit planes of existence different from ours, entities surrounding us but whose limited perception prevents us from seeing them? Could deep hypnosis act as a key that unlocks access to these hidden dimensions and allows us to interact with supernatural beings?

While these questions still lack definitive answers, I invite those interested to delve into the fascinating world of deep hypnosis and explore the possibilities that unfold when we open our minds to the unknown. For those wishing to delve even deeper into this topic, I share the audio of a session I recorded several years ago at the ancient San Juan de Dios Hospital in the city of Chillán. Despite the passage of time and changes in the techniques used, this session remains one of my favorites due to the wealth of information it contains. Every time I listen to it, the hairs on my body stand on end, reminding me of the vastness and mystery that surrounds us.

Embark on this journey into mystery and allow yourself to explore encounters with supernatural entities during deep hypnosis. I hope you enjoy this experience and find answers that challenge your conceptions of reality!

And what about you? Have you had any sensory experiences you would like to share?

Article written by Cris from Regresiones Online ©