Conscious Reality: Exploring the Limits of Perception


Are you able to distinguish the truth from the lie? What does truth really mean? By the conventional definition, it is impossible to be in two physical places at the same time, but history has shown us numerous cases where people, both famous and ordinary, have been seen in different places simultaneously, challenging our traditional notion of truth. These phenomena question our perception of reality and generate various theories in an attempt to explain them. In this article, we'll explore the fascinating world of regressive hypnosis and how it can reveal amazing aspects of our consciousness. Are you ready to expand your horizons and discover new perspectives on reality?

Objective reality and our subjective perception?

When we consider the world around us, we tend to believe that we perceive reality as it is. However, everything we see, feel, or smell passes through our sensory receptors and is processed in our brain. What if we could experience the world through the senses of other living things, like our cats with their keen night vision or our dogs with their highly developed sense of smell? Surely, our reality would be very different.

So what really is reality?

To avoid falling into complex philosophical debates, let's use an analogy provided by the famous physicist Stephen Hawking in his book "The Grand Design". Hawking tells the story of an Italian municipality that prohibited pet owners from keeping goldfish in rounded tanks. The promoter of this measure argued that it was cruel to keep fish in a tank with curved walls, since their vision of the outside would be distorted. This leads to an intriguing question: how can we know if our view of reality is true and not distorted by some gigantic lens, as if we were inside a curved fishbowl?

The perception of the minnows and the multiple realities:

The view of reality of the little fish is different from ours, but can we say that it is less real? They could formulate scientific laws to describe the motion of the objects they observe outside their fish tank. For example, due to visual distortion, freely moving objects that we would see following a straight path would be seen by minnows as moving on a curved path. However, the minnows could formulate scientific laws that would always hold in their own distorted frame of reference, allowing them to make predictions about the future movement of objects out of the fish tank. Although their laws would be more complex than those formulated by us, this does not imply that they are less valid. Reality is what our minds believe to be real.

The brevity of our existence and human curiosity:

Each of us lives for a limited amount of time, at least in this lifetime or reality that we know, and during that brief interval, we explore only a small fraction of the vast universe around us. This awareness of our limitation drives us to seek answers and to question our environment. It is in this constant search that we find intriguing cases that challenge our conventional understanding of reality. One of these cases is that of Eliana, the protagonist of a regressive hypnosis session that I share in the following video.

Explore new perspectives and experience a regressive hypnosis session:

In this session, Eliana has been seen by her family and friends in two different places at the same time, which may seem absurd, but she is not an isolated case. Who were they really seeing? Who was the real Eliana? Like the minnows, we only perceive what our senses allow us to distinguish, and that is why we must continue to question ourselves and explore new dimensions of reality.

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